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At Pace we use the latest litho and digital technology along with an array of finishing machinery to deliver all your printed collateral. Our team provide an efficient, reliable and comprehensive service for all your printing requirements.

From campaign materials, prospectuses, brochures, reports, newsletters, to point of sale materials, pop-up banners, and so much more, just ask!

From a single copy to hundreds of thousands; whether your materials are generic or using variable data, our conscientious team will advise you through all elements of production. We are proud of our reputation to deliver quality print, in budget and within the agreed timescale. Our turnkey production facility can all be completed in house within tight deadlines and timescales.

Print Services - Pace Print & Design

Here’s why print matters in challenging times

There has never been so much choice when it comes to marketing tools and techniques. Faced with an ever-expanding array of channels and platforms, it can feel somewhat overwhelming. Print, on the other hand, has been the constant force – a reminder that, no matter what the platform, the message is what counts. Print matters in challenging times.

During this period of uncertainty, when we’ve all gone our separate ways and we’re all using different methods to communicate with each other, print is the dependable and familiar medium we all know. That’s why many businesses have retained print as part of the marketing mix and that’s why so many organisations are finding it an invaluable way to reach out to customers and communities right now.

Print builds relationships

Numerous studies support the fact that people trust print. Perhaps it’s something to do with tangibility and permanence. If a business has gone to the effort of producing a beautifully crafted printed product, then it has real value.

An email campaign that goes straight to a junk folder just doesn’t command the same attention or respect. It’s disposable and, by extension, the relationship between customer and business never truly has chance to establish itself (in fact 87% of people describe mail as believable, compared to 48% for email).

Print is targeted

The audience segmentation techniques lauded by digital marketers can be useful but on the other hand, can be incredibly complex and time-consuming. Instead, a decisive and bold print campaign lands exactly where it needs to be – at exactly the right time.

Besides, if you’re thinking about combining the best of both worlds, personalised direct mail using good quality data is a great way to target your customer base, while engaging interest and creating a real impact.

Print is everywhere

Thought printed advertising only came in the form of pizza menus and takeaway flyers (although these are coming in very handy at the moment)?  Think again. If you took a moment to look around your home right now, you’d see packaging, labels, brochures and more. In a shop, you might see posters, roller banners and signage.

Print is everywhere. It is ubiquitous and when used well and consistently, it will reinforce your brand identity at every turn.

Print is necessary

More than ever, people need information. Communities need to stay connected. Businesses rely on communication to survive and thrive. Where the digital space is noisy and overcrowded, a well-crafted mail campaign provides clarity and messaging that’s memorable. It also allows organisations to reach those who don’t regularly use emails or social media.

We’re proud to say that print continues to play its part. How can we support your organisation too?

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