Direct Mail

Stand out from the crowd with bespoke direct marketing

Staying power in a fast-paced digital culture is not always easy to find but tailored direct marketing is proving its worth more than ever.

Standing out from the crowd means choosing quality and a tailored direct marketing campaign can help you reach exactly the sort of customers you want.

Play for keeps

Print delivers both longevity and a tangible offering that customers can hold on to, refer back to and act on.

While emails are easily lost in a sea of information, high end products in particular benefit from the lasting power of print. A high end purchase will not be made from an impulsive click on a link.

The proven option

Research has revealed that more than half of direct mail is opened, compared to just 25 per cent of email marketing.

Good investments take consideration and a bespoke direct marketing campaign offers food for thought for customers looking to spend on a high ticket item.

Use the space to lay out all the information potential customers will want to know within a high impact design

Target the right customers

Targeting the right customers is part and parcel of a quality approach. Instead of wasting time and valuable resources promoting your brand to customers who are not in the market to buy, use clean, efficient data to reach an interested audience.

As GDPR brings new standards to contact data, direct mail campaigns should reach the people who really are interested in buying your product.

With customer consent companies can use valuable information such as age, interests or location to conduct a highly efficient targeted campaign.  

The personal touch

Make it count – an eye-catching bespoke print campaign will let you reach out to exactly the customers you want to attract.

Use direct marketing to bring the personal touch with a message that is built to last – just like your product.